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Cacarishop is registered to Agiou Alexandrou 18, Palaio Faliro, 17561 Athens - Greece.

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1. Provided Products and Services

Cacarishop guarantees the completeness and validity of all content and information contained in www.cacarishop.com, referring to the products displayed for sale and all their characteristics, to the company’s current best knowledge.

The above is subject to any mistakes and/or omissions in typography, spelling, wording, or any other errors that may have been made unintentionally, involuntarily and/or due to technical errors. We are willing to acknowledge and correct the above to the best of our ability.

We can not offer a guarantee of inmediate availability for all our products, however we will notify promptly for the non-availability of such if this is the case.

Cacarishop holds no liability for any technical problems, interruptions or other technical issues beyond our control, that may arise during the access and use of our website and electronic store, and may be related to the operation and compatibility of users’ infrastructure with the one used by Cacarishop.
Moreover, Cacarishop holds no responsibility for third party actions or omissions related to the information and products displayed for selling on cacarishop.com

2. Modifications in Terms of Use

Cacarishop holds the right to modify the current Terms of Use, according to future needs and trade usage.

Cacarishop is responsible for informing users about such modifications, as well as any other changes, through www.cacarishop.com. Any modification in Terms of Use and conditions for trade, will not affect any orders already dispatched prior to notification.

3. Security, Confidentiality, Privacy and Data Protection.

The privacy of your personal information and the security of your electronic transactions is a top priority for us at Cacarishop. We have taken all the necessary steps by means of cutting-edge technology to ensure that your security is safeguarded to the fullest.

We only use personal data and information that you voluntarily have provided us with, through the relevant forms on our website and electronic store. We only use your personal data and information in the process of receiving, dispatching and shipping your order, as well as keeping you informed by means of our electronic newsletter, only if you have registered for it and/or asked us to.

You can change your personal password to your account whenever you want and as often as you like. For security reasons, we advise you to change your password often, keep it secret and safe, as well as to avoid using easily detectable passwords (such as birthdates, your house’s street number, family names etc)

We guarantee the protection of your privacy in compliance with all relevant laws on Data Protection and Privacy issued in Greece and the EU and controlled by the HDPA (Hellenic Data Protection Authority).

Under no circumstances will Cacarishop  reveal, share, sell or publicize your personal details and information to third parties, except the delivery service company that will ship your order. Personal details and information that you place at our disposal during your member registration are used exclusively for the purposes of your transactions. All of the personal and confidential information that you share with us is encrypted and stored safely and securely.

Users can easily unsubscribe from our electronic newsletter, whenever they wish to.

If you wish to modify or erase your personal information from our database, please contact us so we can proceed to such modifications.

Phone :  +30 6977242709
Mail : cacarishopnow@gmail.com

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